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Powerful system to freight forwarding, focused on usability and workflow organization, making your team more productive and effective.


The perfect BI system geared for air import, know the market trends and reach your customer reach your customer with best proposal.


The fastest system of load verification geared for air import. Don't let your customer waiting, know when your cargo will arrive, with the greater speed on the market.


The most reliable system sea cargo tracking. Know all update about your container moving.


The most precision system to reading cargo documents. Eliminate rework and make your team more productive.


The most complete system of calls. Have direct contact with our team and don't be without knowing what is being done in your system.


We are the innovation in the Freight Forwarders sector

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Customized Support

We don't attend only for skype and ticket, we liked when received calls, but we liked so much when visit our customers, to develop incredible solutions together.

Customizable System

Tired of everything you deliver to your customer? To look like your rival. Whenever you want, we customize the documents and even the system to better serve you. Adjust the system to your reality get the best out of the system.

We Speak Your Language

Here you will find a team that worked side by side with freight forwarders and understands your parlance and needs.

Innovator product

Here you will find innovative tools, that helping to sales and integrations no other product on the market offers.

Our only priority is

Customer satisfaction

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