Skyline Cargo is a Logistics Software designed for international carriers, NVOCCs, freight forwarders, which require a complete, reliable and integrated management system. The friendly interface with dynamic screens that reduces the amount of work for the user.
Make quotes, tariffs, beget files with simple way, send them by email directly from the system, control leadtime of the commercial, so don't lost a business opportunity. Reward your sales team with commissions with quickly and effectively.
Offer Module

Make offers quickly and easily and track them through calendars

Main features:

  • Main features
  • Sending bid by email
  • Make of proposals based on the tariff
  • Auto fill in purchase, sales and fees, by shipowner, airline, representative, customers
  • Opening of proceedings based on offers
  • Inside Sales, Sales Support and Pricing, configurable according to the client's structure
  • Monitoring the offer near to customer with history.
  • View the profit of the possible operation in time of the quote.
  • Triangular boarding
Tariff Module

Register your affairs with partner agents and facilitate the composition of offers for your customers.

Main features:

  • Registration of negotiations
  • Trades Update
  • Import from Excel with negotiations
  • Identify winning fares
  • Attach emails in negotiations so don't lose track
  • Save tariff history
CRM Module

Control how many visits and calls are being made by your team, and alert the right people to each new information passed on by your customers, stay on of everything that is happening,each business contact.

Keep in line the schedules visit, and contacts.

No more clutter, the system's organizes internal work and offers accurate follow-up for customers and agents. The system emits hundreds of standard terms and phrases that have raised productivity like never before.

Main features:

  • Presence of automatic cargo in air import.
  • Integration with the merchant CE
  • Link for client / forwarder to fill in the draft on sea export.
  • BL issue for sea export
  • AWB emission for air export.

See what's coming, what's to board and what's in transit.

Monitor the performance of your team in real-time configurable dashboard.
Check out the profit of each File, cross the commercial profit to the actual operation and identify where and why the differences occur. Enjoy scaling faster than the system can provide you and stay on top of everything that is important.
Control of invoices, exchange lock with international agents, Demurrage and detention, payment to supplier of simple and fast way.

Main features:

  • Customer Invoices
  • Agent Invoices
  • Invoices with IATA
  • Exchange closing
  • Integration with banks to issue slips, shipping etc.
  • Integration with city hall to issue invoice
  • Place your siscoserv within the system
  • Integrate your accounting

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